About Us

AICG Group has been established in 1993 by the alliance of directors from various global project management companies in construction business, specializing in buildings, railways, motorways, bridges, tunnels, energy, health, water and environmental schemes.

AICG has currently become one of the World’s leading engineering practices in 5 continents and in 12 countries, including, two operating companies in Turkey and Romania within Eurasia Geography. AICG have demonstrated the engineering excellence in Eurasia’s major infrastructure projects over the last 30 years.

AICG Group employes up to 1000 professionally qualified staff around the world and provides engineering, consultancy, project management, contracting, finance, maintenance and operation services in various disciplines, such as highways, metro and rail systems, ports, airports, buildings and industrial facilities, health, energy, telecom, water supply, wastewater treatment, environment and urban development.

AICG’s principal mission in Eurasia has been to offer to the clients of public and private infrastructure innovative, economically and environmentally sound engineering solutions. In the Region AICG operates under AICG Eurasia structure and aims for timely completion of projects, within budget and as per the desired quality. The operating company of AICG Eurasia is AICG Engineering Contracting & Trade Inc. with head office at Istanbul.

AICG is looking forward is 21st century to develop public and private sector infrastructure projects on global basis by offering complete services, including design, construction, finance and operation management.”

Dr. M. Çetin Gumusoglu
Regional Partner & CEO
AICG Eurasia


Eurasia: İstanbul, Ankara (Türkiye), Bucharest (Romania)

International: Washington, Delaware, Lima (Americas), London (Europe), Cairo, Dubai, Bahrain, Beirut, Seychelles (Africa & Middle East), Hong Kong, Melbourne (Asia / Pasific)